Acorn Accounting
Making it all add up
Our Fees
You will be interested to know how much our services will cost.
We do not publish fee lists because we think they can be misleading. Instead, we agree a fee based on the package of work we will do for you. You may find that our fees are more reasonable because of this approach.
The fee we agree with you is fixed for at least the first year. Fees are reviewed regularly, usually in spring each year.
Payment Plans
We prefer clients to pay monthly or quarterly by direct debit, or standing order, especially if we are doing regular work such as payroll, bookkeeping and VAT returns.
This helps your financial planning since you know how much will come out of your account each month or quarter.
If you prefer to pay by cheque, however, that's fine by us.
Whatever fee you will be charged, or however you decide to pay us, consultations are free.

For more details of our fixed fees and payment plans and to discuss your accounting requirements, call us on 01592 769769.