Acorn Accounting
Making it all add up
Initial consultation
Your initial consultation with us is free. We recognise that, whether you're starting a new business or looking for a change. The consultation is not limited to 30 minutes, or an hour - we'll take as long as needed to discuss your plans, the concerns you have, and the help you'll need. We know that you need to be happy that you're doing the right thing and we know this isn't always clear in 30 minutes or so. Therefore, we don't put a time limit on this meeting - better to take longer now than regret it later.
Other meetings and consultations
After you become a client we will not charge you for phone calls or meetings related to your business.
We want to encourage our clients to talk to us when they need to, not just because they feel they have to.
If you expect to receive a bill after a phone call or meeting, you're less likely to make that call and won't get the help and/or advice you need.

Accounts advice line
In addition to free phone calls and meetings, we offer a free accounts/book-keeping advice line to all our clients.
If you have a query call us and we'll answer it, no charge.

To find out more, call us on 01592 769769. Remember, calls to us are free!