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Business Plans
You have your business and you want to plan its future. That's where a business plan comes in. The plan sets out a structured way forward - it's not set in stone but provides a basis for future decisions.

At Acorn Accounting we can help you build a business plan that will help you and your business move forward. In particular, we can provide the "outside eye" to help you avoid the rose-tinted view. When we work with you to prepare a business plan, our aim is to ensure that the plan and the targets it contains are realistic and not too rigid.

The mistake many business people make is to treat the plan as the way forward - they become slaves to the plan. A business plan is just that, a plan. Circumstances change, unexpected opportunities arise, things go wrong. We work with you to develop a plan that can adapt to these and any other issues that arise.

We will also help you to review the plan regularly, and amend it and develop it as the business and its environment change.
Financial Projections
Finance is crucial to any business. It is necessary to ensure that the business has sufficient cash flow to cover its immediate needs. If outside finance is needed for the business, either as part of setting up or for growth, potential lenders will want to know that the loans can be repaid.

Preparing a financial projection can answer both these questions. At Acorn Accounting we will work with you to prepare a realistic projection of the business' income and expenditure to support your planning and/or application for external funding.

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