Making it all add up

Keeping the books

All businesses need to keep day-to-day records of their income and expenditure.  These are necessary to prepare the business accounts, but can seem to be a chore taking you away from what you enjoy - running your business.

Acorn Accounting can help to reduce the chore.  We can take over the full bookkeeping function, entering your sales, purchases and expenses data from the paperwork you supply to us.  If you prefer to do your bookkeeping yourself, we can support you by checking your entries on an agreed schedule.  We are flexible and will be happy to take on as much or as little of this work as you want.

What are the options? 


The obvious starting place for most people is to keep the books themselves - the DIY option.  They don't have to pay an outsider to deal with the paperwork, and they can do it when they want.

If you decide that you'd rather do your own bookkeeping, that's fine by us.  We'll be happy to help and advise on appropriate record-keeping, including software to lighten the load.

Acorn Accounting can also support you by reviewing the books from time to time and keeping you on the right track, including checking VAT and other returns before they're filed.  If you want, we can take over part of the work for you.  If you feel that you want to be involved in the day-to-day record keeping, we're happy to assist and support you as much (or as little) as you're happy with.


The clear alternative to doing it yourself is to outsource.  You give your paperwork to us, for example, and we enter the data into the accounting records.  The paperwork is then returned to you so that you always have the originals available in case of queries.

You might be concerned about the cost, but it will almost certainly be less expensive than you fear.

At Acorn Accounting we use modern accounting software to keep our clients' books.  The software we use links to software for producing annual and periodic accounts, reducing the work required to prepare accounts for the tax man and others.  If the business is VAT-registered, we will prepare and file VAT returns as they become due, letting you know how much is due to be paid, or the amount of any VAT refund.

If we maintain your business' books, you can be sure that the records are up-to-date and that we can give you a snapshot of the business finances at any time.  Also, there will be little delay in preparing the accounts mentioned above.

Online Book-keeping

We offer the facility to keep your books online.  Using an online system, whether for the DIY option or outsourcing, has advantages for you and your accountant:

You have access to the book-keeping record at any time and can check figures and progress when it suits you.

We'll give you the training necessary to use the software and show you how to call up the reports you might need.

When you have a question about the figures we can both be sure that we're looking at the same data, avoiding confusion and saving time.

If you keep your own books, there's no need to print off detailed transaction reports, or take backups to send to us - no risk of data being lost in transit. Simply let us know when everything is ready and we'll access the file direct.

Online accounting can give the best of both worlds. You use it to do as little or as much of the book-keeping as you want and we can pick up the rest.

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